Economic and Investment trends March 2015

Published on March 4, 2015

Have you ever had so much cash, and rates at banks are too low, such that you decide ‘why not build electric cars?’ Apple just might. The company is interested in building the future of cars with project Titan, challenging Tesla Motors Inc. and other companies also producing hybrid and electric cars. Some analysts believe it is better for Apple to work with an existing car manufacturer to build smart cars of the future where Apple would only focus on the technology without worrying about the challenges of the car industry. However, Apple does have enough resources to get project Titan going all on its own. Whether or not this project will be successful is another matter.

Download the file to read more, topics include:

  • The economic situation in Venezuela
  • Sint Maarten under the inspection of the Dutch government
  • Reaction Cft to the proposal for the government’s budget of 2015

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