AIB Bank Aruba

Economic & Financial Services

When it comes to making investment choices, AIB BANK is right beside you. The unit AIB Economic and Financial Services (AIB EFS) offers advisory services to help its clients get a realistic view of their opportunities. Because EFS is situated in a bank, the department can help identify the financial feasibility of a project in its early stages. In some cases an EFS client might be applicable to the financial resources of the AIB BANK N.V.

The EFS services include:

Macro Economic Advisory

Members of the EFS department make it a daily habit to remain up to date with current events on Aruba and in any other country that may have an effect on the Aruban economy.
In depth analysis of available public data can be provided; for example but not limited to data from the CBA, CBS ,IMF, and ATA. The EFS can also produce/collect data to a certain extent when this is not already available. These services are not limited to the country of Aruba.

Privatization/Independization Support

Help governments decide upon privatization structures and advice how to go about this process by acting as a mediator between all stakeholders. AIB can be of service with the planning of privatization/independization as well guiding the process. Recently, AIB helped the government of Aruba explore the best structural option to privatize the Landslaboratorium given the priorities of different parties involved and the social importance of the functioning of such an entity. In the past, the EFS also structured and guided the independization process of Aruba Tourism Authority.

Surveys and Research

The EFS can adequately preform most economic and business related research using quantitative as well as qualitative analysis tools.

Feasibility Studies/ Economic Impact Studies

Feasibility studies related to new or existing business ventures and projects. This service is mostly supportive to the services of the Corporate Finance and Project Management department. Upon request the EFS department can also conduct macro economic impact studies for its clients.

Business Planning

Guiding new or existing businesses with the setup of a business plan. As a financial institution we know exactly what other financial institution are searching for, making our business plan an effective one for financing requests and also for other purposes.