AIB Bank Aruba

Corporate Finance


As agent bank, AIB currently manages a portfolio of approximately AFL 1.4 billion (USD 782 million) across a wide spectrum of industries (incl., transportation, utilities, real estate, and hospitality). As a result, AIB has grown into one of the region’s most trusted and experienced agent banks, assisting borrowers in obtaining their objectives and enabling financial institutions in participating in the success, while maintaining their maximum exposure that they are able to lend.

Bridge loan

To bridge a small period of financing, while the long term loan is being designed, a short term finance can be granted to assist in the development/purchase need of the project.


We offer a range of lending products tailored to meet your specific business needs. The typical maturities range between one year and fifteen years, depending on the final purpose of the requested financing.


In recent years AIB was able to arrange a significant array of custom tailored financing transactions in close cooperation with a wide variety of lenders in our local and international network for borrowers. The resulting experience propelled us in being the leader in arranging loans and syndicated facilities of large exposures for a range of industries in various geographies, both in Aruba’s local currency (AFL) and in U.S. dollars.