AIB Bank Aruba

Program & Project Management

We are proud of the community we live in and feel responsible for its well-being. Managing funds and programs for third parties in an efficient and professional manner has our heart and soul. AIB has a special unit that devotes all their skills and effort to achieve cost efficient quality projects or programs within a stipulated time frame.
Since May 2000, the PPM department of AIB has been successfully managing the funds of Fondo Desaroyo Aruba (FDA). These funds have been made available by the government of Aruba and the Netherlands for the further development and self sufficiency of Aruba. The projects involved range from construction of new buildings/renovations, purchase of ICT, furniture, and so on.

Funds Management

Our extensive experience in managing the FDA since May 2000, means that the PPM department is a special unit that is able to devote all their skills and effort to achieving cost efficient quality projects or programs within a stipulated time frame. Projects ranging from purchase of furniture, IT components, up to renovations and/or construction of new buildings, the PPM department has a wide array of projects under its belt.

Rules & Regulations

To play by the rules it is important to have a clear understanding of what they are. The PPM unit is able to provide a detailed description of the rules and procedures that need to be adhered to, including the Administrative Organization Structure and the Internal Audit procedures..

Administration of the funds

Placement of the funds to obtain highest yield possible When you don’t need (part of) the funds straight away, why not make it work for you? The market will be researched periodically to ensure that the highest possible yields are obtained.

Project evaluation and management

Our highly qualified staff will make sure your project stays right on track. We provide full time project managers whose tasks include but are not limited to the following:

  • Evaluate the project or program based on set regulations
  • Assist in, or perform the selection of technical advisors required for the supervision of the project
  • Assist in, or organize the complete tender process
  • Assist in or prepare the set up of the contract documents
  • Perform supervision of the project during execution
  • Administration of all project related documentation
  • Review disbursement requests/ invoices
  • Prepare other progress reports