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Economic and Investment Trends November 2015

Peace talks on Syria were held in Vienna on the 30th of October without the presence of the Syrian Rebels or the incumbent government. Present were: the U.S, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf member states. During the meeting they agreed on 3 key points. To read more, download the file, topics include: The […]

Economic and Investment Trends August 2015

There will be no more talks of Greece leaving the Eurozone after harsh bailout talks in which the European Council have gotten Greeceā€™s prime minister, Mr. Tsipras to accept a worse deal than before to avoid an even bigger crisis in Greece. However, one should ask, how fair is the bailout deal anyway? Download the […]

Economic and Investment trends June 2015

Economic short-term growth in Latin America is expected to be on the low side this year according to Chief Economist and manager of the research department of the Inter-American Development Bank, Jose Juan Ruiz. The reasons for this negative development are both external and internal of nature. The weakness in the Eurozone, slowdown in China […]

Economic and Investment Trends January 2015

World The most buzzing economic news and investment news of the moment is about the oil developments. No surprise there. Perhaps to many the surprise remains that the oil price is still dropping. On January 13th the Brent crude was trading at $47.43. The speculative questions remains, how low will the oil price go? Download […]